[Marxism] The two souls of socialism(was:RE:JohnHolloway-AlexCallinicos debate)

Ian Pace ian at ianpace.com
Sat Aug 20 04:18:36 MDT 2005

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From: "Jon Flanders" <jonflanders at jflan.net>
On Sat, 2005-08-20 at 02:33 +0100, Ian Pace wrote:
>> Without denying anything of this, that doesn't in essence contradict
>> my suggestion that the antagonism is symbolic rather than being rooted
>> in the geopolitical interests of global capital.
> But it is precisely as a symbol that Cuba threatens the geo-political
> interests of global capital. Perhaps more than any other revolution, the
> Cuban experiment has shown that there is an alternative to capitalism.

That is a fair point, but I was responding specifically to Mark Lause's 
identification of historic reasons for particular hostility on the part of 
the US to contemporary Cuba.
> All Capital really needs to rule is the passive acceptance of the
> workers. The shrug of resignation. What can you do?
> Cuba is the antithesis of all that.
Well, do you think Cuba can really be described as a country controlled by 
the workers? Or does it rely upon a corresponding degree of 'passive 


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