[Marxism] Live from Ramallah: The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, Daniel Barenboim

Lueko Willms l.willms at jpberlin.de
Sat Aug 20 16:38:00 MDT 2005

   Note this for Sunday, August 21, 2005, 19:00 h Central European  
Summer Time (i.e. 17:00 h UTC)[*]:

   Those who can receive the Franco-German TV program ARTE via cable  
or satellite can follow the first performance of the West-Eastern  
Divan orchestra in Ramallah, Palestine.

   This orchestra is composed by young musicians from the "Middle  
East", Jews and Arabs from Israel, the occupied Palestinian  
territories, Libanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt.

   They came together in 1999 in Weimar, on the initiative of the two  
great friends Daniel Barenboim and Edward Said. This was part of the  
special programmes on occasion of Weimar being the Euorpean cultural  
capital in 1999. Weimar is that city in the German federal state of  
Thüringen, not far from Jena and Erfurt, where Schiller and Goethe  
lived and worked and where Goethe wrote his "West-Eastern Divan" which  
gave the name to the orchestra.

   Young people from both sides of the wall, the checkpoints and the  
barbed wire come together and share their passion for music, becoming  
one, and transforming themselves in the process.

   They already gave concerts in various European countries, and in  
Morocco. Today they will perform for the first time in the occupied  
palestinian territories, in Ramallah.

   For Edward Said, who also was a musician, this was the most  
important in his life, reported Barenboim. Unfortunately, Edward Said  
died in September 2003, so that Barenboim, the Argentinian Jewish boy,  
who in 1952, at the age of 10 years, moved with his parents to Israel,  
and later became a concert pianist and one of the worlds most famous  
conductors, has to shoulder the leadership of this East-Western divan  

   I'm looking forward to a unique experience with him and his very  
special orchestra on Sunday evening.

   We will listen to Beethoven's 5th symphony and Mozart's 'sinfonia  

   The concert is also carried live by "Deutschlandradio Kultur" and  
by France Inter. France Inter can also be listened directly via  
Internet: http://www.radiofrance.fr/chaines/france-inter

   On the TV programme, see
    <http://www.arte-tv.com/de/kunst-musik/948334.html> in German
   Click "français" somewhere upper left corner for a French version.

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