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That's  nonsense. The US has found a way to 'contain' the Cuban revolution in 
the  post-Cold War era. And if you read what I say, you'll see I really want 
to  believe in the importance and vitality of Third World revolutions.  
However, I believe that if such things advance too far, the US and the  rest 
of the forces of global capitalism will step in to stop  them.

Since almost the beginning of the Cuban Revolution, the US has sought to  
destroy it. Successive administrations have tried covert military operations,  
terrorist attacks, the fomenting of counter revolution within, numerous  
assassination attempts on Fidel and other key members of the Cuban Government,  and 
of course a continuous and unremitting embargo. Due to the success of the  
Cuban Revolution, any other attempt at something similar in the region - Chile,  
Nicaragua, El Salvador - has been ruthlessly dealt with by the US in one way or 
What more evidence do you need that the US, unlike you, holds the Cuban  
Revolution, its example, as a serious threat to their hegemony in the  region?
And not only in the region, internally as well.  The banning of  their own 
people from travelling to Cuba illustrates the extent to which the US  ruling 
class is concerned about Americans being exposed to a system which treats  its 
people as the end and not the means to the end.
Without the Cuban Revolution there would have been no Bolivarian  Revolution 
in Venezuela, and without Venezuela there would have been  no upsurge in anti 
capitalist movements all throughout the region in recent  months - Bolivia and 
Ecuador esp.
The Cuban Revolution plays a huge role in the world today, both materially  
and symbolically. The tens of thousands of oppressed people all over the  
underdeveloped world who've benefited from the skill and dedication of Cuban  
medical professionals, the national liberation movements that have been  
strengthened by Cuban support, is a testament to its importance.
That the US has never mounted a full scale invasion of Cuba is a  reflection 
of the fact they are well aware of the overwhelming support the  revolution 
receives from the Cuban people. If Iraq is a quagmire after the  removal of such 
an unpopular regime, Cuba would be a burning hell for  US occupation forces 
in Cuba.  
It would also ignite the entire region.

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