[Marxism] The tentacles of the creationist movement

Calvin Broadbent calvinbroadbent at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 21 10:11:15 MDT 2005

The promotion of this hateful garbage is nothing more than a ploy to 
institutionalise the most abstract and fanatical moralism in a decadent 
imperialist age. The self-appointed and most prominent representatives of 
this religious tripe will, handily enough, be the same scumbags touting for 
plunder, war, rape and genocide. When the State (with its faith-based 
programs and other unconstitutional schemes) has sufficiently assured people 
that they may not understand the world in anything but the crudest and most 
far out imaginings, it can be further assured of those peoples' ineffective 
passivity. 'Alternative' christians might prefer handwringing and lighting 
candles (having safely jettisoned the multiple justifications of the 
aforementioned plunder, war and genocide in their holy texts) to association 
with increasingly public religious dogma (they don't mind it in the comfort 
of their own homes). But they will surely perpetuate the same fanatical 
moralism albeit in a more humane (if not human) way.

>NY Times, August 21, 2005
>Politicized Scholars Put Evolution on the Defensive

>SEATTLE - When President Bush plunged into the debate over the teaching of 
>evolution this month, saying, "both sides ought to be properly taught," he 
>seemed to be reading from the playbook of the Discovery Institute, the 
>conservative think tank here that is at the helm of this newly volatile 
>frontier in the nation's culture wars.

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