[Marxism] Remi Kanazi, "Heartbreak Hotel" (on Israel's "disengagement" from Gaza)

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at osu.edu
Sun Aug 21 11:24:45 MDT 2005

Heartbreak Hotel
by Remi Kanazi

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, a military man turned "peacenik," is  
unilaterally "disengaging" from the Gaza Strip. It's all over  
television, play by play -- the hardship Israel is enduring.  Scenes  
of Israeli soldiers emotionally and physically struggling to remove  
the 8,500 settlers from the Gaza Strip is displayed while CNN anchors  
utter soft words in hushed tones in the background. The Israeli  
government has spent billions to protect and provide for the  
settlers. Now, Israeli soldiers must painstakingly carry off the  
flailing settlers who are still protesting the move -- the same  
soldiers to whom they once turned for help.

Should Israel be commended for dismantling the illegal settlements  
they built against international law, the will of the Palestinian  
people, and the effort to maintain peace? The corporate media's  
melodramatic portrayal, with close-ups of tears on the faces of  
settlers, would have the viewer believe that this is a major  
sacrifice on their part. The media are silent on a minor fact that  
the settlers had trampled on the rights of an indigenous people --  
that they had lived in their fortresses of Israeli luxury in the  
desert of Palestinian impoverishment.

The settlers' departure from Gaza is indeed historic. Yet, it is not  
disengagement in the proper sense of the word, notwithstanding the  
corporate media's terminology. Gazan children may be able to play in  
the yard and Gazan wives and husbands can walk the street freely, but  
unfortunately their freedom ends there. Israel will control Gaza's  
air, sea, and borders as well as the movement of Palestinians  
entering or leaving Gaza. . . .

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Yoshie Furuhashi
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