[Marxism] Editorial cartoonists on Cindy Sheehan

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 21 15:15:42 MDT 2005

No major American news organization that I know of has come out for 
immediate (or even "Hayden-type") withdrawal from Iraq, or even "against the 
war." None to my knowledge has editorially called for George Bush to have 
the decency to speak with Cindy Sheehan, or the American people for that 
matter. But one way to measure the resonance she is getting is to look at 
editorial cartoonists, who are SOMEWHAT freer to express opinions which 
might closer reflect what "real people" are thinking.

I've assembled a bunch of editorial cartoons on the subject of Cindy Sheehan 
vs. George Bush, to illustrate that point. They can be found here:



Eli Stephens
  Left I on the News

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