[Marxism] The one soul of socialism

M. Junaid Alam alam1 at lefthook.org
Sun Aug 21 15:42:06 MDT 2005

This discussion has been totally derailed and we have lost perspective 
on the issue at hand - Holloway's anarchist variant of Marxism has been 
slaughtered by history. The fad of Zapitista fetishism, the all too 
casual and breezy ritualistic denunciations of the Soviet socialism as 
an inevitable outcome of "authoritarianism", the genuflection of the 
post-modernists before the consciously "non-heirarchal", ie. 
disorganized, global justice movement, and the global justice movement 
itself, are all dust to ash, and ash to dust. Holloway's politics rode 
on the same crest which brought us Fukuyama: demoralization post-USSR. 
With the rise of the Bolivarian movement, the stubborn reality of the 
viability and, moreover, the desirability of socialism, of socialism 
with elected leaders, has washed out the debris and hubris about the 
"impossibility of socialism" touted by the Right, or the "impossibility 
of socialism unless every person on the planet votes on whether a leader 
can take a piss or else it will result in Stalinism" touted by the 
unthinking Left.

The socialism of today is guided by the same spirit as the socialism of 
yesterday. The difference, as always, lies in the balance of 
international forces and the material conditions. The stamp of stupidity 
the Holloway faction brandishes its on forehead on this question is so 
bloody obvious that it beggars belief: in order to dismiss Venezuela's 
socialist progress, it points to the high prices of oil and that 
country's abundance of it as the main reason improvement is taking 
place. But since this view admits the role of material conditions in the 
outcome of a socialist program, it also deflates the argument that the 
USSR failed because of authoritarianism and not the material conditions 
which made authoritarianism bloom. Moreover, according to this argument, 
Saudia Arabia should be the world's most socialist country on the face 
of the earth. QED.

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