[Marxism] Re: Accounts of Cuban "Socialism"

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Mon Aug 22 18:57:19 MDT 2005

Lou wrote:
>>I don't remember our debate around this, so I won't comment.<<

Here is our exchange

>I wrote up my impressions after I went there, but it's not in digital

>>I hope that your impressions are augmented by some expert material 
have no idea whether Hart-Landsberg or Burkett ever visited China, but that
is really besides the point. Their book-length article is based on material
from the FT, the Economist and articles written by other Marxists, not
anecdotes drawn from a visit to Peking.<<

If anyone’s curious to see how I met this test, the article is here:


You make some interesting points in reply to my post, and I’m far from
dismissing them -- but it’s remarkable how you keep avoiding one simple
question: people’s right to choose. 

You say:
>>I think that the debate within the one-party system in Cuba is far more
vibrant than in any multiparty democracy in Latin America.<<

Maybe so, but do people actually have a choice? 

>>The single party system in Cuba has its roots in a revulsion against the
multiparty *dictatorship* that degraded the nation for 100 years.<<

This says the old regime was undemocratic, nothing more.

>>Your bosses have the right to fire you, but you wouldn't face this threat
in Cuba.<<

For a long time, this threat was effectively non-existent in the Australian
public service. That didn’t make it democratic, because people didn’t have
a right to choose their bosses or departmental priorities.

>>This is one of the main powers that the capitalist class has over
workers. Such control mechanisms do not exist in Cuba, nor did they exist
in the USSR for that matter.<<

Aha. So was the USSR democratic?

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