[Marxism] Maradona: "He who steals from a thief..."

Nestor Gorojovsky nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar
Mon Aug 22 20:04:35 MDT 2005

People wonder many times why do we Argentineans equate Diego Armando 
Maradona with God Almighty.

Of course, he was an enormous soccer (fútbol) player, and this would 
be enough.

However, there is something else.

I am watching his TV show tonight.

He is explaining his first goal to the English team in 1986, which 
everybody knew that was, er, not exactly a fair goal.  He did it with 
his hand, and the English goalkeeper (Shilton) did not realize it, he 
began to scream only when Fenwick (who had been elliminated by 
Maradona) informed him that the goal had been made through a hand.

Then, Maradona says:  "Yes, we robbed that goal, but it was the 
Englishmen, it was 1986.  The Englishmen had robbed us for centuries, 
and had sunk the Belgrano in a war crime, they were still in the 
Malvinas."  Then, he added a common saying in Spanish: "El que le 
roba a un ladrón tiene cien años de perdón", that is "He who steals 
from a thief has a hundred years of pardon".  Please take into 
consideration that Argentina is only now beginning to emerge from a 
wave of de-malvinization moves.  Maradona is loved because he says 
aloud things people have no way to say.

BTW, now while I am writing this, a singer that he invited to the 
show (a friend of his) is stating that the world is in the worst 
condition today, with a powerful idiot ruling the most powerful 
country in the globe.  And he proposes that "the whole population of 
the globe can elect the President of the United States, since he has 
the right to place a bomb at anyone's door". 

That is why we love Maradona and yours truly the undersigned believes 
that this man is the single acceptable indirect proof of the 
existence of God.  Though he collected millions through his 
abilities, he is still the poor boy in Villa Fiorito who loved to 
play football.

And represents all those boys.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar

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