[Marxism] Re: Accounts of Cuban "Socialism"

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Mon Aug 22 21:41:12 MDT 2005


Thanks for a very informative post. I am indeed lacking in direct
experience, but you provide reliable facts for which I'm grateful. Just a
few thoughts in reply:

1. If a nominated candidate can get weeded out by “an evaluation process”,
then clearly there is no RIGHT to stand for office. If a worker doesn't
have the right to stand, it's not workers' democracy in my book.
2. If you can’t have a declared political program, then nobody can judge
what the alternatives are. Which in turn suggests there are no
alternatives, just the party line. The mechanisms you describe sound like a
way for the party to avoid putting itself on the line in the debate.
3. If key decisions are made “internally, inside various government bodies”
without transparency, how can people judge them? If an expert foreign
observer like you can’t work out what’s happening, are most Cubans likely
to be able to work it out? And if citizens can’t make judgements, how can
they democratically govern society?

It still looks like a relatively benevolent one-party dictatorship to me.

I agree, however, that imperialism is the root of the problems. 


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