[Marxism] Pat Robertson calls for the assassination of Hugo Chavez

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 22 21:56:53 MDT 2005

Louis Godena wrote: "Forgive me, but I don't think most people view Pat 
Robertson making asinine statements as particularly "explosive" or even 

Well, possibly they SHOULDN'T be newsworthy, but Joaquin is very definitely 
right in saying that they ARE newsworthy in the current definition of the 
word. The fact is that, just within the last week or so, I have seen on more 
than one news show clips of Robertson "praying to the Lord for further 
vacancies on the Supreme Court", after ludicrously claiming that his 
previous prayers (from two years ago!) had been answered with the 
resignation of Sandra Day O'Connor. Gee, maybe I'll pray for Robertson to 
die; I'm sure God will answer my prayers SOME day.

Anyway, the fact is that Robertson IS a frequent presence on the news, 
making Joaquin's story all the more interesting and telling about the 
current state of affairs.

Eli Stephens
  Left I on the News

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