[Marxism] Pat Robertson calls for the assassination of Hugo Chavez

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 22 22:11:11 MDT 2005

Sorry for posting repeatedly, but I just came across this rather telling 
response to Robertson's statement on the blog of leading liberal David 
Sirota. For those unfamiliar with him, here's a blurb from his blog:

"About David Sirota

I am the co-chairperson of the Progressive Legislative Action Network (PLAN) 
- a position I took after finishing a stint as a fellow at the Center for 
American Progress. I am also a writer for Working Assets, and a twice-a-week 
guest on the Al Franken Show. I am currently writing a book for Random 
House's Crown Publishers. I also write a bi-weekly section for the Nation 
Magazine called Permanent Minority vs. Towards the Majority about Democrats 
failures and successes."

Now read what he has to say about Robertson, starting with the word 
"unhelpful" in the headline:

"Pat Robertson's Unhelpful Call for Assassination

"Here's an interesting question: To an objective non-American looking at the 
situation from an outside vantage point, is there really much of a 
difference between a terrorist leader going on television and issuing a 
fatwa against American political leaders, and Pat Robertson going on 
television and essentially issuing a fatwa against democratically-elected 
leaders in other countries?

"It's an interesting question - and one that bodes poorly for America's 
image throughout the world. Here we are in Iraq, supposedly fighting against 
the fatwa-issuing terrorists and for democracy in Iraq (though that was 
never the reason for the war), and one of America's top conservative leaders 
issues a fatwa against a democratically elected leader in a neighboring 
country to the south.

"This isn't to say that Venezuela's Hugo Chavez is a great guy - but he was 
twice democratically elected in elections that were verified to be 
legitimate. Additionally, America currently relies heavily on Venezuela for 

"So, really, no matter how bad you think Hugo Chavez is, it's pretty fair to 
say that Pat Robertson's latest bout of wild-eyed extremism (and it is just 
one of many) is extraordinarily unhelpful almost any way you look at it."

Time for a chorus of "Love Me, I'm a Liberal" I should think. :-)

Eli Stephens
  Left I on the News

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