[Marxism] Re: Accounts of Cuban "Socialism"

Rod Holt rholt at planeteria.net
Mon Aug 22 22:23:51 MDT 2005

Although I hate people who barge into an argument and say, "Why don't 
you read *this**," I feel I must. There is an excellent book on all 
this: "The Problem of Democracy in Cuba" by Carollee Bengelsdorf, 1994, 
Oxford & New York. She explores your questions and--most 
importantly--gives a history of how the governing institutions came into 
existance and morphed up to 1994. I got my copy on line at a reasonable 
price a couple of years ago.

Tom O'Lincoln wrote:

>It still looks like a relatively benevolent one-party dictatorship to me.
>I agree, however, that imperialism is the root of the problems. 
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