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>From: Louis Proyect <lnp3 at PANIX.COM>
>... Here's a snippet from Nixon's Silent Majority
>Speech of November 3, 1969. It is eerily reminiscent of what the Democratic
>Party "doves" are saying today. It also strikes me that imperialist
>politics is continually dusting off old routines for new wars.

Yes, in fact Cole's insane recommendation is eerily reminiscent of the
British government's actions in Iraq in the early 1920s, when celebrated
noisy drunk Winston Churchill -- realizing the UK public's rebellious mood
about continued heavy military spending post-WWI -- thought it would be
nifty to police Iraq from the skies via the newly organized Royal Air Force
instead of maintaining the enormous expense of army garrison forces, viz:

"Churchill ... served under David Lloyd George as Minister of War and Air
(1919-20) and Colonial Secretary (1921-22). Churchill created great
controversy over his policies in Iraq. It was estimated that around 25,000
British and 80,000 Indian troops would be needed to control the country.
However, he argued that if Britain relied on air power, you could cut these
numbers to 4,000 (British) and 10,000 (Indian). The government was convinced
by this argument and it was decided to send the recently formed Royal Air
Force to Iraq.

"An uprising of more than 100,000 armed tribesmen took place in 1920. Over
the next few months the RAF dropped 97 tons of bombs killing 9,000 Iraqis.
This failed to end the resistance and Arab and Kurdish uprisings continued
to pose a threat to British rule. Churchill suggested that chemical weapons
should be used 'against recalcitrant Arabs as an experiment.' He added 'I am
strongly in favour of using poisoned gas against uncivilised tribes to
spread a lively terror' in Iraq."





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