[Marxism] Pat Robertson calls for the assassination of Hugo Chavez

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Tue Aug 23 10:27:50 MDT 2005

Godena: "this is National Enquirer stuff."

Par for the course for Godena to simply dismiss attacks on Latinos as
non-existent or unimportant.

It's the same racist attitude we saw in his statements about
undocumented immigrants.

Pat Robertson is not simply a religious figure. He's a political leader,
founder of the Christian Coalition, which is a major force in the
Republican Party; adviser and confidant of presidents, including the
current occupant of the White House; and former Republican candidate for
President. He is a major figure in U.S. public life.

His "700 Club" show on CBN is a major source of news and commentary on
current events for millions of people in the United States. His concerns
and those of CBN are overwhelming political, social and cultural, and
only incidentally religious.

That he targets Chávez now is not accidental. Just last week Rummy was
visiting several Latin American capitals trying to scare up a
counter-coalition to the anti-imperialist united front that Chávez is
putting together with the backing of Fidel and at least partial
cooperation from other regional leaders (as well as enthusiastic support
from virtually the entire Latin American Left). His statements reflect
the evolution of at least a wing of people in ruling class circles on
the Bolivarian Revolution. 

Just yesterday, the state owned Venezuelan petroleum company opened
offices in Beijing. Deliveries this year are averaging 5 times what they
were last year, and Venezuelan officials talk hopefully that they can
get purchases increased to 300,000 barrels a day, which would mean
roughly a super tanker a week.  At current world prices, that represents
an income to Venezuela of tens of billions of dollars a year. 

Chavez has said that if the U.S. attacks Venezuela, Washington can just
forget about Venezuelan oil, which even at today's somewhat reduced
levels represent 10% of the country's overall supply, and a much larger
percentage of the regional markets Venezuela supplies, and which are not
so easily replaced, because refineries need to be adapted and fine-tuned
for the kind of petroleum they are processing. Through the alliances he
is fostering with other Latin American countries around creating an
integrated vertical Latin American petroleum industry that freezes out
the imperialist cartel and diversification of markets (China), he is
positioning the Bolivarian Revolution to be able to respond to an
aggression in that way.

Pat Robertson didn't go into details, but he undoubtedly knew what he
spoke of when he had his program lead with a headline saying that Chavez
represented a much greater threat than Fidel ever did and when he
personally said that Chavez has the capacity to do the U.S. great harm.
Robertson indicated as much by unexplained comment that he didn't think
the oil shipments to the U.S. would stop if the U.S. carried out the
covert assassination of the Venezuelan leader.


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