[Marxism] Gilbert Achcar rejoinder to Juan Cole on his oppositionto Out Now

M. Junaid Alam alam1 at lefthook.org
Tue Aug 23 12:19:22 MDT 2005

Actually I think Cole serves a very useful role for the anti-war 
position. First of all, he pisses off to no end the white nationalists 
and Zionists (I repeat myself) by countering their bloodthirsty bluster 
with real analysis based on his historical knowledge, understanding of 
the Arabic language, and a good dose of common sense. That doesn't make 
him a socialist or whatever else, but he's more than a cut above both 
the typical liberal and his conservative counterpart. The other 
outstanding fact about Cole is that he is actually a decent human being. 
Notice how he posted the quite lengthy response of Achar, the Marxist, 
on his own blog, without the usual infantile behavior of distorting it 
or twisting it by quoting off random pieces to the reader. He just 
presents it as is. Ergo, Cole's website is probably the most visible 
place most liberal-minded people who can be won to an out-now position 
will actually see an out now position presented.

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