[Marxism] Precipitous withdrawal?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Aug 23 12:24:20 MDT 2005

Walter wrote:
>This is another area where we need to look at these matters
>differently than we did in the Sixties and we cannot make
>"immediate withdrawal" a splitting issue for the struggle
>against the war.

Who is talking about a split? Russ Feingold is not part of the antiwar 
movement. UfPJ is *for* immediate withdrawal, even if they are wasting time 
in lobbying efforts. The only split I know about is whether to incorporate 
"the right of return" as a slogan. Thank goodness, the two coalitions have 
agreed to march separately and strike together. But if UfPJ ever decided to 
adopt Russ Feingold's proposals as their own, then  it would be necessary 
to build an alternative. In the 1960s, politicians often spoke at peace 
demonstrations but stopped short of calling for immediate withdrawal. Ted 
Kennedy is one example, but there are others. There is no harm in this. But 
the movement itself *must not* water down its demands to curry favor with 
such Democrats.



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