[Marxism] Pat Robertson calls for the assassination of Hugo Chavez

Louis R Godena louisgodena at ids.net
Tue Aug 23 21:15:41 MDT 2005

It is people like Mr Bustelo who most eloquently recall Gore Vidal's dictum 
that "journalism, like politics, has always been the choice of the ambitious 
but lazy second-rater."   If his posts here are an example of the kind of 
journalism he produces, then Mr Bustelo has scant room to criticize the work 
of others.

He assures us that the Pat Robertson story is significant because it 
allegedly led off today's State Department briefing.   I've seen State 
Department briefings that led off with a discussion of Angelie Jolie's trip 
to Cambodia or chuckling references to Jim Guckert/Jeff Gannon's all male 
nude website when he was promoted as a bona fide blogger/journalist at the 
White House.   Where is this Pat Robertson story going to lead?   Nowhere. 
And that's all I was saying.

Mr Bustelo pretends to be the last word in what constitutes news of import 
in our nation but can't even read and understand plain English.   Yes, I did 
in fact mean the New York *Times* in my post earlier, and any damn fool --  
even Joaquin Bustelo -- can readily ascertain that I am  rather fond of the 
Chinese revolution, although somewhat perplexed at times by the always 
fascinating, always unpredictable turns that revolution has always taken. 
And I am quite proud of my blog 
(http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/marxisminternational) though, like anything 
else, it can stand improvement.

But what concerns me most about Mr Bustelo is this implicit assumption that 
because he is a Latino intellectual he has some special insight into 
politics that others lack.  I am Native American (Passumoquoddy).   As an 
early "victim" of American malfeasance whose people still suffer the effects 
of several hundred years of colonization, am I entitled to claim a special 
insight that others must defer to in silence.  Of course not.   It is a 
person's class position that matters.   Mr Bustelo is no better than anyone 
else.   I am not sure he has told us where he works or what he has done, but 
that is always helpful.  My history, good and bad, is quite transparent. 
Let people judge for themselves, without the name-calling and nit-picking 
that seems to characterize so much of Mr Bustelo's efforts.

Louis G

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> Godena writes about Pat Robertson, "These and other personalities on the
> Christian Right
> are promoted by CNN and the New York chiefly for their value to the
> defense of Israel."
> Does anyone detect a whiff of anti-semitism in these parts? Wasn't
> "Times," as in New York Times, official organ of the elders of Zion to
> some, the missing word after New York in that sentence?
> BTW, for the latest on the yellow peril, combined with a completely
> muddleheaded and profoundly *ignorant* commentary on socalled
> "intellectual property rights," check out Godena's blog, where he
> succeeds in a) completely swallowing, hook, line and sinker, the lies of
> the bourgeois imperialist monopolies b) making a complete hash of
> distinctions between copyrights and trademarks, bourgeois patents and
> feudal patens, all tacked together with toxic racism like "China's
> civilization is in fact inseparable from its state" and "So China
> steals, or copies.... the country still has a huge problem sustaining a
> stream of innovations."
> Ignorance, arrogance and stupidity in a single, tidy package. Admirable
> economy.
> *  *  *
> On the substance of the point that Mr. Godena decided to attack me on,
> his claim that Robertson was a nobody who should and would be ignored,
> I'll adduce just one piece of evidence: the top of the state department
> briefing today was devoted to denying that Robertson was speaking for
> the administration.
> Joaquín
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