[Marxism] Re: Precipitous withdrawal?

trusscott.foundation at virgin.net trusscott.foundation at virgin.net
Wed Aug 24 06:49:25 MDT 2005

I can't imagine any conscious advocate of US imperialism calling for a withdrawal 
from Iraq. To withdraw now or over the next few years will represent a major 
defeat for US imperialism. Invading and holding Iraq, setting up a reliable 
and reasonably strongly-based Iraqi puppet government, building the infrastructure 
in Iraq for a strong US military presence that can operate in the Middle 
East and beyond, controlling Iraqi oil (and, of course, making a fortune 
out of privatising the Iraqi economy) -- that was the US project for Iraq. 

Iraq was to be the starting point in the Middle East for the new US imperium. And 
Bush & Co's methods of going about it have failed miserably and have totally 
undermined the project. It's as if Hitler was thwarted at the anschluss 
with Austria, or at Munich, rather than at Stalingrad or Kursk.

The USA can't withdraw from Iraq as this will be seen -- quite accurately -
- around the world as the White House and Pentagon admitting defeat. But 
what can Bush & Co do other than stay there as the place shifts increasingly 
into a fragmented condition, with a Kurdish gangster mini-state in the north, 
large parts of the Sunni and Shia areas run by fundamentalist militias, 
and a lack of any properly functioning central state agencies.

And what do the non-neo-con advocates of US imperialism propose instead?

Paul F

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