[Marxism] D. Ortega in El Nuevo Diario (Nicaragua) on Robertson threat against Chavez

Mike Friedman mikedf at amnh.org
Wed Aug 24 07:51:36 MDT 2005


“Common practice of the yankees”

Daniel Ortega denounced an assassination threat against Venezuelan
President Hugo Chavez, in Niquinohomo, during the celebration of the 25th
Anniversary of the Literacy Crusade.

Frank Cortes/El Nuevo Diario.

The General Secretary of the Sandinista Front (FSLN), Daniel Ortega,
condemned the possibility of an attempt on the life of the President of
the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, following provocative
statements by the U.S. preacher Pat Robertson.

The ultraconservative preacher characterized Chavez as a "dangerous enemy"
and stated that assassinating him would be cheaper than going to war to
defeat him. "If you believe we are trying to kill him, I think we chould
go ahead and do it," he exclaimed.

"We don't need another $200 million war to get rid of another violent
dictator. It's much easier to have covert agents do the job," added

Ortega considered these remarks to be a preview for Chavez' possible
murder, and accused the U.S. administration of conspiring against leftist
Latin American governments. "The diabolical words uttered by this
individual, who calls himself a Christian preacher and states clamly that
the U.S. should assassinate Chavez, because it's cheaper to kill him than
to invade Venezuela, imagine what kind of Christian he is," Ortega

"Pay attention to this. This is no more than the common practice of the
yankee intelligence services, the CIA. They are preparing public opinion
for an assassination or a crime, but I don't believe that even by killing
they will halt that Bolivarian Revolution."


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