[Marxism] Pat Robertson calls for the assassination of Hugo Chavez

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Aug 24 09:12:33 MDT 2005

>I would also like to remind the Godena bashers on the list that he
>happens to be someone with some influence on his job site. I would hope
>that we might seek to change his thinking, rather than simply try to
>drive him off the list every time we have a disagreement.
>Jon Flanders

I went back through the archives trying to figure out why things got so 
nasty so fast. I am quite sure that when Louis threw this in--"I don't know 
where Joaquin works, but this is National Enquirer stuff"--it was not 
helpful. This didn't add anything of substance to his post, but merely 
served as a way of needling Joaquin. My strong suggestion to Louis is to 
lay off this kind of thing. His politics are heterodox enough to get people 
on edge without throwing in this kind of taunt.



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