[Marxism] Pat Robertson calls for the assassination of Hugo Chavez

Louis R Godena louisgodena at ids.net
Wed Aug 24 10:14:26 MDT 2005

Hi Wayne;

Well, yes, it does add another piece to the emerging portrait of an American 
administration in disarray.

But, I don't think it necessarily subtracts from Robertson's stock among his 
followers.   They are, presumably, already familiar with his statements 
about permissive parents, atheists and same-sex sexers being responsible for 
911.  And wasn't he the one who claimed that God had "ordained" GWB?   I 
mean, how can a statement extolling the violent demise of a "communist" and 
oil baron hurt him among his followers?   On the contrary, I am sure it has 
enhanced his standing among the rank-and-file evangelical who hates, HATES 
liberals and left-wing intellectuals.

And they have a point, as Dick Lewontin points out; there *is* a class 
awareness that people on the Left talk the talk but won't walk the walk. 
The lower middle class (which provide most of the foot soldiers for the 
Christian Right) feels so disenfranchised and so alienated and so left out, 
it is an easy matter to channel this resentment toward the people who look 
down their nose at them.   College-educated affluent liberals who enjoy 
degrees of security quite foreign to the imagination of the average blue 
collar worker or laborer can never hope to win allies among the latter until 
they learn how to speak to them on their own terms.   Shrill, hypocritical 
denunciations issuing from a despised "elite" of someone these people look 
upon as one of their own simply won't work and any political "victories" won 
on this level will I believe prove to be pyrrhic ones.

Again, I think the real story here is the undermining of the shibboleth of 
the "world's lone superpower", exposing as it does the deep fault lines in 
American society and the Bush regime's relationship to the wider world. 
*That's* the story I think we should be pursuing.

And that's about all I have to say on this thread.

Louis G

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From: "Wayne S. Rossi" <felianan at yahoo.com

> The Robertson story is important for two reasons, which are intimately
> linked.  On the one hand, it's bringing Venezuela into the overall
> discourse in a way that provides a good chance for Marxists to defend
> it (if not as an incipient workers' state, then at least as a
> progressive state worth defending).  On the other, it reveals the
> transparently political and imperialist character of evangelical
> Christianity, which is a strong propagandist weapon in American
> culture.  If Robertson can be played as an insane fundamentalist
> issuing fatwas on foreign leaders he doesn't like, it is part of a
> much-needed discrediting of many supposed religious figures who
> cheerlead for imperialism and capitalism.
> So the big deal is - Robertson, in trying to shore up anti-Venezuelan
> sentiment for a future CIA or military action, overshot and gave
> ammunition and an opening to fire back at him.  It should be taken.

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