[Marxism] Pat Robertson calls for the assassination of Hugo Chavez -2 untouched aspects.

M. Junaid Alam alam1 at lefthook.org
Wed Aug 24 11:50:41 MDT 2005

There are 2 untouched aspects of Robertson's statement. One is that he 
calls Chavez a dictator. I see few corrections of this 
mischaracterization in the press reports of his statement. In addition 
to calling Chavez a communist he also labels him a harbinger of 
Islamism. Maybe the guy is just throwing all the reactionary boogeymen 
words he can think of but it makes him sound quite stupid.

The other thing is this: a major religious leader calling for the death 
of a major political/social leader. Ring any bells? If some radical 
Muslim cleric did this, it would be a "fatwa" and every pundit and 
official would be denouncing him and pontificating on the backwardness 
of Islam, etc. But not a soul thinks the same when a radical Christian 
does it I can guarantee you that.

 From my vantage point, looking at incidents such as these, combined 
with the five-star melodrama of the Gaza pullout, the hypocrisy is just 
staggering. We truly live in a new global apartheid. The least murderous 
(in terms of numbers killed and injured) of religious fundamentalisms, 
Islamism, is amplified into the most murderous fundamentalism by the 
legerdemain of the two *real* most murderous fundamentalisms, Zionism 
and Evangelism, whose  success in skewing the truth is due to their very 
ability to murder and terrorize and threaten more people than the lesser 

Simply remarkable.

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