[Marxism] Precipitous withdrawal?

Bonnie Weinstein giobon at sbcglobal.net
Wed Aug 24 13:30:20 MDT 2005

On 8/23/05 11:15 AM, "Walter  Lippmann" <walterlx at earthlink.net> wrote:
  But making "immediate withdrawal" a splitting issue is as
> foolish as making supporting the Palestinians or any other
> issue which can mobilize less people than opposition to
> the war in Iraq a splitting issue. That is what some here
> are arguing. Their quotes can be found appended below.

Dear Walter,

Well, the two separate demonstrations are united now. The fact that ANSWER
calls for immediate and unconditional withdrawal from Iraq and an end to the
occupation of Palestine, etc. will have no negative effect at all on the
attendance in DC on Sept. 24. In fact, since the demonstrations are now
united under a principled decision to each promote the action they way they
want and still hold a united protest, it is obvious that more people will
show up. In fact I spoke to a mother of a freshman High School student who
commented that since the demonstrations are now united she is going to make
the trip to DC instead of staying in SF.

The argument is that these issues are splitting the movement. What split the
movement was the leadership's refusal to unite because of their own
disagreement with these issues!

But when you have a relative in a war and you come to the realization that
that person may loose her/his life or limb for a war you have come to
realize is unjust and illegal, you want it over with immediately and your
loved one brought home immediately. Why should they risk their lives a
second more! Cindy Sheehan has made this issue not only crystal clear but
the only logical choice. Who will let their son, daughter or loved one be
the last to die for this hideous war?

The obvious fact is that the demand for immediate withdrawal and support to
Palestine has not and is not causing a split. The fact that movement is now
united in spite of these differences is proof of that fact. This unity
happened because, in my opinion, the idea of making the Cindy Sheehan's of
the world have to choose which demonstration they should attend in DC was
shameful and embarrassing. Thank goodness they came to their senses.

‹Bonnie Weinstein

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