[Marxism] Re: The Future of Food

Brian James bajames at shaw.ca
Tue Aug 23 09:04:31 MDT 2005

This article/movie sounds very skewed and outdated. How, for example,
can any meaningful prognosis on the "future of [GM] food" fail to take
into account the initiatives being taken by Asian countries themselves?
China for example is number two in GM investment only to the United
States, with India and Indonesia following close behind. 
See: http://forests.org/articles/reader.asp?linkid=20395
Targeting Monsanto as the paradigm example of GM corporate evil, forcing
GM seeds onto reluctant peasants in Mexico, etc., doesn't get one very
far in understanding the nature of this massive global trend. The
specter of Monsanto's failed "Terminator" seed is even raised, while not
mentioning that the project was shelved in the late 90s due to public
opposition. Since that time Monsanto has merged with pharmaceutical
giant Pharmacia & Upjohn and had its costly, litigation-plagued
ag-biotech sector greatly reigned in. Monsanto still operates today in
many countries as a GM seed and pesticide supplier, but it is nothing
near the upstart it was in the late 90s. It is still bogged down in
legal costs arising from that period, and probably hasn't introduced any
new products in a long while. It certainly does not represent the future
of biotech crops in this world. 
See: http://www.biotech-info.net/monsanto_pharmacia.html

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