[Marxism] Re: The Future of Food

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Aug 24 14:56:57 MDT 2005

Brian James wrote:
>This article/movie sounds very skewed and outdated. How, for example,
>can any meaningful prognosis on the "future of [GM] food" fail to take
>into account the initiatives being taken by Asian countries themselves?

I wasn't aware that countries is a category that is very meaningful in 
Marxist terms. This is like saying that African countries are moving toward 
export agriculture. Countries don't move to anything. Classes do.

>Targeting Monsanto as the paradigm example of GM corporate evil, forcing
>GM seeds onto reluctant peasants in Mexico, etc., doesn't get one very
>far in understanding the nature of this massive global trend. The
>specter of Monsanto's failed "Terminator" seed is even raised, while not
>mentioning that the project was shelved in the late 90s due to public

That darned pesky public.

>  Since that time Monsanto has merged with pharmaceutical
>giant Pharmacia & Upjohn and had its costly, litigation-plagued
>ag-biotech sector greatly reigned in.

Well, who says things aren't getting better.



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