[Marxism] Unemployed captor of Saddam Hussein: Out Now!

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Thu Aug 25 08:07:20 MDT 2005

COUNTDOWN For August 24, 2005 MSNBC

KEITH OLBERMANN: For surviving veterans of Iraq, the return home is not 
easy. Nobody is saying it`s like the March on Washington from the so- 
called Bonus Army in 1932, World War I vets demanding an immediate payment 
of a bonus that was scheduled for 1945, some of them eventually shooting it 
out with General Douglas MacArthur`s troops within sight of the Capitol. 
That all actually happened.

But what if I told you that one of the two soldiers who hauled Saddam 
Hussein out of hiding is, more than a year after his return from Iraq, and 
more than eight weeks after he started looking for a civilian job, 
unemployed tonight?

Specialist Jeans Cruz joins us from New York tonight.

Thank you for your time, sir.


OLBERMANN: We`ll get to the job in a moment. But first, we now have in this 
country what we certainly didn`t have when you left for Iraq, maybe when 
you got back, a very loud debate on how much longer we should stay in that 
country. You`ve more than earned your right to be heard on this. What do 
you think?

CRUZ: To be honest, it is time to pull out now. As you said, no one needs 
to die for others who have died. Everybody has their sacrifices. And we do 
not need to sacrifice more people. We know what everybody else has 
sacrificed, and we have to praise that right now.

OLBERMANN: So pulling out at this point, to you, would not be diminishing 
their memories in any way?

CRUZ: No. Actually, it would be showing that, you know, it`s time to pull 
out, giving them concerns to families and showing respect, actually, for my 

OLBERMANN: Was there a moment, do you think, when we actually accomplished 
what we went there for, that you actually accomplished what you went there for?

CRUZ: Honestly, I thought I did. A lot of us thought we did.

OLBERMANN: Was that when you and your group pulled Hussein out of that hole 
in the ground?

CRUZ: And that is correct, to include as many years as this has been going 
on now, it`s not just one year, it`s been several. The more time in the 
(INAUDIBLE) that`s gone into it, the more things are falling out for 
families now.

OLBERMANN: Let me ask about and you this job search. It sounds like, and 
I`m sure you`d agree with me on this, that your resume is outstanding, 
captured Saddam Hussein, before that, you`d been a security guard at the 
World Trade Center on 9/11. You have computer skills. What has it been like 
going for a job? I mean, do they just want to talk to you and pat you on 
the back and then say, No, thanks? Or how has that been?

CRUZ: It kind of feels like it. I`ve gotten a lot of appreciation from a 
lot of jobs. The only thing I don`t get is a call back. And, well, 
currently, now things have been changing a little bit. And I could really 
thank a lot of people for that.

OLBERMANN: What would you want potential employers to know about you? We`re 
sort of giving you a period of time here to sell yourself on national TV, 
if that will help.

CRUZ: The best thing I can say, put me to work and I`ll show what you I 
could do.

OLBERMANN: Does the Army help at all with job placement? I know you`ve been 
essentially demobilized for about two months. Do you have to be -- you 
know, as you look for a job and readjusting to civilian life, are you 
completely on your own?

CRUZ: Well, no. Currently I`m also getting assisted from the VA hospitals 
and vet centers here in the Bronx and Manhattan, who are helping also for a 
job search.

OLBERMANN: Is there a specific job you want out there?

CRUZ: My best thing would be working with the community, and within the 
government, that is.

OLBERMANN: Jeans Cruz, one of the soldiers who nabbed Saddam. Thanks 
greatly for your time, for your opinions, and all the best on the job 
search. And if we hear anything at this end, we`ll get the information to 
you right away.

CRUZ: Thank you, Keith. Have a good evening.




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