[Marxism] Prolific buffoon? I kind of like that!

David McDonald dbmcdonald at comcast.net
Thu Aug 25 10:40:15 MDT 2005

Joshua Frank:

But Sheehan as a lone messenger has real limitations. She has been branded
by the media as a mother who is motivated by her own grief. She is not
thinking rationally, they say, she is just trying to make sense of her
son's death. All this, despite the fact that her message is purely
political; Sheehan is articulate and media savvy, heck she even has a
"progressive" publicist. Cindy lacks something important however ­ she has
never served in Iraq like her late son Casey.

David McDonald:

Really? Branded by the media? Ms. Sheehan is a mother motivated by grief.
God help her, grief IS her credential. She says her political call for
immediate withdrawal flows from the fact that she does not want even one
more mother to have to feel what she is feeling. Anyone, anyone can
understand that. It is precisely because her political stance flows
immediately, directly and truly from her own personal life experience that
her message resonates through the very broader public and she cannot be
successfully slimed, as is proved by the fact that the news is still all
Cindy all the time despite the slimers. Successful sliming is to make her go
away or change her message and neither is happening.

I am hoping the Bus Caravan to Washington DC makes September 24th one of the
foci, if not the main focus, of what that caravan is about. Such a focus
could add hundreds of thousands of people to the masses who will demonstrate
on September 24. It may be a Perfect Storm. I have said this before and see
no reason to recant: Cindy is doing fine.

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