[Marxism] Re: Ecuador Protesters are Optimistic over Oil Deal

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Thu Aug 25 12:11:17 MDT 2005

dwalters at marxists.org wrote:
> I find myself, oddly, agreeign with Joaquín on one important point: we really
> don't have the information to know both the content of this strike and exactly
> what the Venezuelan gov't are up to vis-a-vis it's agreement with the
> Ecuadorean gov't. I want to wait some before making big judgements.
> However, I think rrubinelli clearly is pointing out all the issues as socialists
> that we need to look at including the criteria...for, as he puts it: "Which side
> are you one?".

Let's consider context. We do not have a (coherent) left in this country
that can either put significant (ongoing) pressure on the u.s.
government or render significant material aid to anti-imperialist
states. At best we can exert a negative impact on the u.s. government by
somewhat hobbling its adventures abroad.

To ask then, re Equador or Venezuela, "Which side are we on?" is
essentially what I call sandbox politics -- we indulge ourselves by
having the "right" opinion even though that opinion makes not a damn bit
of material difference anywhere.


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