[Marxism] Re: Ecuador Protesters are Optimistic over Oil Deal

M. Junaid Alam alam1 at lefthook.org
Thu Aug 25 12:30:04 MDT 2005


Let's consider context. We do not have a (coherent) left in this country
that can either put significant (ongoing) pressure on the u.s.
government or render significant material aid to anti-imperialist
states. At best we can exert a negative impact on the u.s. government by
somewhat hobbling its adventures abroad.

To ask then, re Equador or Venezuela, "Which side are we on?" is
essentially what I call sandbox politics -- we indulge ourselves by
having the "right" opinion even though that opinion makes not a damn bit
of material difference anywhere.


Amen. Why some Marxists are always bending themselves out of shape to descry "correct" lines on every question under the sun is beyond me. 
It's ambitious but foolhardly and irrelevant since we don't know all the relevant facts and can't do anything about it either way.

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