[Marxism] Re: Ecuador Protesters are Optimistic over Oil Deal

M. Junaid Alam alam1 at lefthook.org
Thu Aug 25 13:14:20 MDT 2005


Then what's the point of making any analyis, taking any position?  Why
argue for immediate withdrawal from Iraq?  Why argue against Zionism?

Why oppose Savimbi and Unita in Angola?  Why analyze the defeat of any
workers struggle?  Why examine the Russian Revolution and its undoing?

Why advocate/oppose any position? "

Gee, maybe because, as stated, (a) all the facts are not in, there is no clear
picture of the forces in the strike, and (b) Chavez is just a *little* bit 
different than Zionism and the US in Iraq, I mean hot damn, is that not obvious?

I'm not so sure the motive here is "solidarity" with the strikers, whoever the hell
they actually are; the more immediate aim seems to be skewering Chavez.

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