[Marxism] Re: Ecuador Protesters are Optimistic over Oil Deal

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What I thought was obvious is that I was responding to Carrol's no-win

If we are going to claim the facts are not all in, then those who first brought
this issue to the list should be told that-- avoid uncritical endorsements until 
we get facts.  But somehow that didn't happen.

It was only when Fred's rosy, optimistic assessment was challenged that the
advocates of dry powder, held fire, patience, fact checking, got motivated to
direct us all to the best song on the Temptations first album (Meet the Temptations,
Gordy, 1964),  "Slow down, Heart."

The motive is most definitely not to "skewer Chavez."  The motive is to explain,
understand the social conflict at work in Latin America, and where the class struggle
can go, is going, and must go to be successful. 

And as far as the rather offhand dismissal of the striker in Ecuador with the wave of
a hand and a "whoever the hell they actually are"... they are workers and poor, the
indigenous people of those two provinces who have suffered mightily under the alliance
of the national bourgeoisie and the international bourgeoisie-- those facts are readily


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"Gee, maybe because, as stated, (a) all the facts are not in, there is no clear
picture of the forces in the strike, and (b) Chavez is just a *little* bit 
different than Zionism and the US in Iraq, I mean hot damn, is that not obvious?

I'm not so sure the motive here is "solidarity" with the strikers, whoever the hell
they actually are; the more immediate aim seems to be skewering Chavez.

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