[Marxism] Dow Jones reports on Ecuador-Venezuela oil issues

rrubinelli rrubinelli at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 25 13:45:42 MDT 2005

Spin Lippmann, of Spin and Marty, writes:

Unlike the ultraleft sectarians whoss first, sole and only
inclination is to shoot from the lip, and to start with the 
presumption of Chavez' GUILT (as Robertson, Mary Anastasia 
O'Grady and Washington do), I start from the presumption of 
Chavez' INNOCENCE, and await further details to see if there 
is any reason to think otherwise.

Gee does this read/sound familiar to anyone?  Sound like the way
the old CPs use to bait/smear those who disagreed that there was
one true god and his name was Joe?

Doesn't this read like baiting?

What's next?  Enemy of the People emoticons attached to
Spin's replies to his antagonists?


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