[Marxism] The Left in Venezuela

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How about OIR (Opcion Izquierda Revolucionario; Revolutionary Left Option) ?
How about PRS (Partido de Revolucion y Socialismo; Party of Revolution and Socialism)? Or is this one not formally launched yet?
-aaron a. 
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Bolivarian Liberation Forces - Liberating Army (Fuerzas Bolivarianas
de Liberación - Ejercito Libertador, FBL-EL)

Commission for Anarchist Relations (Comisión de Relaciones
Anarquistas, CRA) periodical El Libertario

Communist Party of Venezuela (Partido Comunista de Venezuela, PCV) 

Democratic Action (Accion Democrática, AD) 

Democratic Coordination (Coordinadora Democratica)

Homeland for All (Patria para Todos, PPT) 

Internationalism (Internacionalismo)  

Movement towards Socialism (Movimiento al Socialismo, MAS) 

National Convergence (Convergencia Nacional) 

Our America Project - April 13 Movement (Proyecto Nuestr at merica -
Movimiento 13 de Abril, M13A)

The R Cause (La Causa R) 

Revolutionary Marxist Current (Corriente Marxista Revolucionaria) 

Revolutionary Popular Assembly (Asamblea Popular Revolucionaria) 

Socialist League (Liga Socialista, LS) 

We Can - For the Social Democracy (Podemos - Por la Democracia Social, Podemos)

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