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    Machinists union grabs jobs of striking Northwest mechanics

          By Joseph Kay and John Levine
          26 August 2005

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Six days into the strike by mechanics and cleaners at Northwest 
Airlines, the International Association of Machinists (IAM) has stepped 
up its collaboration with the company’s strikebreaking operation. On 
Thursday, Northwest announced that the jobs of some of the striking 
workers, who belong to the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association 
(AMFA), will be taken over by members of the IAM, which represents 
baggage handlers and other ground employees at the airline.

The jobs being transferred include filling planes with drinking water 
and emptying lavatory holding tanks. From the first day of the strike 
the IAM began performing tasks normally performed by AMFA members, such 
as cleaning planes, guiding planes on the ground, changing the oil, and 
making repairs to aviation equipment.

The move to shift more of the work to the IAM came after the union 
itself pressured the company to transfer the jobs. According to 
Thursday’s /Detroit Free Press/, “Northwest told the International 
Association of Machinists it could take over those tasks after union 
officials warned their continued cooperation depended on it... De Pace 
said the machinists want to keep the work even if AMFA and Northwest 
settle their dispute.”


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