[Marxism] Re: "the main danger to the Cuban Revolution is in itsownleadership."

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Let's try this one for size:  "the main danger to the Russian Revolution
was, and the main danger to the Cuban Revolution was/is, the failure of
the revolution to complete itself internationally, thereby "scothing in
its crib," so to speak, the "delivery" of the technical components
necessary  for remedying the legacy of underdevelopment.  This legacy
can materially undercut the potential for advanced social relations
created in the revolutionary struggle..."?  I don't think I can pose it
a less inflammatory way.

The main danger is material: not in the thoughts, desires, errors of a
leadership, but in the economic conflicts between means and relations,
conflicts always at work, even harder at work, after a seizure of power.
And the errors, actions, mistakes of the  leadership are reflections of
those ongoing conflicts.  Whic is why talking about betrayal is
nonsense, as it is nonsense to smear those who criticize the direction,
the transitions, of left/nationalist/revolutionary governments, those
who explicate the conflicts and risks in those directions,  as  "(China)
(Lula) (Morales) (Mugabe) (Chavez)  bashers."

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