[Marxism] RE: Is the Bolivarian Revolution A Marxist Revolution? (Ecuador)

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This is of relevance to our discussion on Ecuador/Venezuela and
reflects the opinions on the grounds of a workers leader in Venezuela
on Chavez's deal with the Palacio government

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I was just reading an article on the Aporrea web site on this subject.
( http://www.aporrea.org/dameverbo.php?docid=65078 , for those who
read Spanish.) It contains a message of solidarity to the Ecuadorean
workers from Jose Bodas, the head of Fedepetrol in Venezuela. In the
same article, Bodas writes that they (I think he's writing on behalf
of the petrol workers in Venezuela) regret the decision of Chavez to
send oil to Ecuador.
 The letter continues to condemn the "savage repression" of Ecuadorian
President Palacios and goes on to point out the class nature of the
commission from Ecuador that was sent to Venezuela and how the
Ecuadorian regime has not lifted a single finger to help the workers'
struggle in Venezuela.

The letter concludes by saying that they do not expect the
representatives of the multinationals to take any action in solidarity
with the peoples and workers of the world; rather, their actions will
always be determined by profits and therefore they are not surprised
by the declarations of the US and European governments who have
saluted this "compromise" of President Chavez. "With the same fervor
that the defend their own interests, they then maintain silence before
the call from terrorist 'reverends' who are calling for the
assassination of President Chavez," he writes.

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