[Marxism] RE: Is the Bolivarian Revolution A MarxistRevolution?(Ecuador)

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sat Aug 27 13:22:30 MDT 2005

Rubinelli cometh down from the mount (where Schanoes spoke to him in the
form of a burning bush).  Rubinelli turneth to the worshippers of the
Golden Calf and proclaimeth as follows:

"Those who construct false identities of criticisms
of this or that national hero with the murderous desires of Christian
thugs ought not to complain about shocking or inappropriate language.
Nor talk about manners.  Nor complain about baiting, insist on
etiquette, or tell anyone else how to conduct themselves in a debate or
discussion.  Ever."

Since I have never done what he refers to, Rubinelli was obviously not
referring to me.  I will continue to make any criticism of anything I
think appropriate and let the gagging maggots gag at their leisure.

But if he was proclaiming new rules of discussion for the list in
general, to the effect that he has now been freed of any obligation to
restrain himself in any way and that noone he disapproves of has any
right to call him to order, well, I assume that there are no new rules
that let anyone off their leashes or whatever it is that restrains them.
If Rubinelli wants to stay on the list, I recommend he keep taking his
medication.  I take mine

Rubinelli has been on and off the list many times.  This sounds like he
may be needing another break.
Fred Feldman

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