[Marxism] Bush Thinks Just Like Pat Robertson, Says Fidel Castro

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 28 08:25:00 MDT 2005

Bush Thinks Just Like Pat Robertson, Says Fidel Castro

Havana, Aug 27 (Prensa Latina) Fidel Castro said that US President
George W. Bush has the same line of thought of ultra-conservative
Reverend Pat Robertson, who recently incited to assassinate
Venezuela´s statesman Hugo Chavez

Bush shares his thought and extreme right ideology and they look
alike as two drops of water, the Cuban leader told the Round Table TV
program Friday night.

Fidel Castro insisted that Robertson proposes what Bush carries out
everyday: killing people not only by ordering bombings, but also by
ordering assassinations.

He recalled that the Christian fundamentalist preacher has no power
to kill, but incites to do so.

Those are old ideas from when they assassinated Congolese Prime
Minister Patricio Lumumba in the early 60s and tried many times to
kill me, Fidel Castro stressed.

The Cuban statesman challenged the White House to say whether the US
president shares Robertson´s view.

Under that light, he recalled that the US government can be held
responsible as an accomplice in the assassinations of Chilean former
minister Orlando Letelier and General Carlos Prats and in the mid-air
bombing of a Cuban commercial plane offshore Barbados in 1976 that
killed 73 people.

The whole world condemns Robertson´s incitement to kill Chavez, so
President Bush ought to be condemned too for sharing that idea, Fidel
Castro said.

He described Robertson as a wealthy man who amasses a $200 million
dollar fortune, defended the Apartheid regime in South Africa,
supported the dirty war against Nicaragua and spreads the
ultraconservative thought of the religious right in the US.


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