[Marxism] Re: "the main danger to the Cuban Revolution is in its own leadership"

Carl Webb carlwebb at gmail.com
Sun Aug 28 13:58:34 MDT 2005

Exactly what kind of sophisticated analysis do you need of Vietnam,
North Korea, China, Venezuela etc?  I think it's ludicrous that you
accept without any further qualification that these states actually
represent existing socialism.


On 8/27/05, Mauricio Martinez <kidvanguard at yahoo.ca> wrote:
>   I can't think of a more undialectical, and frankly robotic statement than this one right here, which only confirms Walter's statement about the "regretfullness" of various sectarian analyses of actually existing socialism (or attempts at socialism).
>   The question is whether Trotsky's analysis of the degeneration of the USSR immediately, without any further qualification, applies to Vietnam, North Korea, China, Venezuela etc. This is ludicrous. Let's remember our dialectical materialism people. Lenin provides a good summary of the dialectical approach in "The Three Sources and Component Parts of Marxism." He defines it as the doctrine "of the relativity of human knowledge, which provides us with a reflection of eternally developing matter."
>   So Trotsky's analysis of the USSR, as human knowledge, was relative to, and a reflection of, a situation that has eternally developed itself out of existence. I mean, what the hell?! Is it too much to ask for a more sophisticated analysis than Calvinist declarations of Trotskyist dogma? Really! Just goes to show you that sometimes intelligent idealism is closer to intelligent materialism than vulgar materialism.

> Mauricio Martinez

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