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It would be helpful if Nestor were to identify exactly the material
economicist interests and the fractions of the workling class he has in
mind-- does he mean the indigenous peoples of the oil producting
provinces of Ecuador?  Striking for development, for 50/50 splits, for
commitment of tax revenues to infrastructure, medical, educational

And if what is to be done is to guarantee the oil contracts of a
bourgeois government against the actions of the poor, then Nestor and
others have indeed turned a historical document of struggle into a bible
for suppression of that struggle, and its time for a brand new atheism.

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Material, economicist interests of fractions of the working class
don't always go hand in hand with the general political interests of
the working class as a whole.

This, among other things, is what Lenin explained on his debate with
Martinov in the "What is to be done".

In the Ecuadorean oil issue, Chavez has acted as a Lenin.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky

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