[Marxism] ISO an important group on the American left? Workers World Party much less important sect?

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 28 15:44:19 MDT 2005

Not much use can be made of trying to rank them. Not sure where one
could find "the" list, anyway.

On what basis? Membership numbers? Clearly the Chinese CP is the 
most numerous. Alternatively, correctness of political program is often
advanced as the best criterion. On that basis it's not so easy to
make a decision.

A better way might be their record in the actual living class
struggle, on the national as well as the international scale. On that
basis, empirical facts and analytical viewoints can be discussed in
an objective manner, for those who are open to such dialogue.

One Marxist party which has a pretty decent track record would be the
Cuban Communist Party and you can check out their newspaper as well
as the theoretical magazine they publish. While the PCC didn't exist
at the time of the Revolution's triumph, its existence and record, as
part of the continuous ("ongoing", "uninterrupted", or "permanent"
process which the Cuba Revolution is, is one which would be worthy 
of objective examination by serious people.

Some of their articles are translated into English:


CARL WEBB wanted to know:
Where can I find the list of marxist party rankings? 

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