[Marxism] Re: fucked-up white communist gloss over the fundamentaldivide in the world?

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sun Aug 28 17:26:48 MDT 2005

I'm for cutting Carl Webb some more slack.  It's true that calling
Castro "a fucked-up white communist" or asking if he is "still white" is
out of order -- and especially when you consider that Carl's position on
Cuba comes straight from James Robertson of the Spartacist League, of
whom the descriptive term "fucked-up white communist" would be a
masterpiece of understatement.

Also Carl brings the list information about the Millions More March and
other areas that are important and quite under-represented on the list.
Carl's support from the ISO comes from his record as someone who fought
his way out of the military as an opponent of the war.

And even his one-sentence contributions have begun sparking some actual

So I think Carl should watch his language -- which does not mean
pretending the race issue isn't there -- and the rest of us should
continue to learn to discuss with him.
Fred Feldman

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