[Marxism] Bush's obscene tirades

Paul H. Dillon illonph at pacbell.net
Sun Aug 28 21:41:23 MDT 2005

Thanks for that article, Louis.

The evaluation of Bush's alcoholism is worthy of note.  Even if he did stop 
drinking sometime back without the aid of AA, he might well have missed the 
opportunity to find a Higher Power more worthy of his attention than the 
power he currently serves.  Dry drunks like Bush never really dealt with the 
empty hole inside themselves, whether they address it like Sartre or like 
Bob, dry drunks like Bush can't look at that which increasingly controls 
their behavior.  Chavez remarked of his meeting with Bush at an OEA meeting: 
"The man is just a bundle of reflexes"; an observation totally consistent 
with a dry drunk's compulsive behavior that goes out of control when subject 
to too much stress..

Alcoholism is something americans understand since 1 in 10 is alcoholic and 
each has widespread networks of affected friends and relatives.   A 
information campaign that emphasized this aspect of Bush's lack of character 
might add a powerful timpani section to the symphony that is forming to play 
his requiem.

Paul Dillon

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