[Marxism] Bush's obscene tirades

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Sun Aug 28 22:02:21 MDT 2005

"Paul H. Dillon" wrote:

> Alcoholism is something americans understand since 1 in 10 is alcoholic and
> each has widespread networks of affected friends and relatives.   A
> information campaign that emphasized this aspect of Bush's lack of character
> might add a powerful timpani section to the symphony that is forming to play
> his requiem.

But Bush is not the problem. There has been far less opposition within
the ruling class to Bush's foreign policy, and the war in Iraq, than
there was to the war in Vietnam at a similar stage. There was an
extremely interesting thread on lbo-talk last week, under three subject

[Fwd: [lbo-talk] Re: techno terror vs humans]

[Fwd: [lbo-talk] The Vietnam War and the Beginning of the US Decline]
(One post only, by Yoshie)

Chomsky and History

See in particular the posts by Yoshie and by C.G. Estabrook If you check
the LBO archives.

The core is this, Vietnam was a demonstration war, and the u.s. could
achieve its vital aims merely by doing an immense amount of damage, even
though it was forced to withdraw militarily.

The Iraq war is for a definite goal, the permanent location of a u.s.
military force in the Mideast. This explains the substantial unity of
the u.s. ruling class behind Bush's War, however discontent many members
of that class may become with Bush's bungling leadership. Much more,
then, is at stake in the present war than was ever at stake during the
Vietnam, and we should keep this in mind in our thinking about building
resistance to the war.


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