[Marxism] Bush's obscene tirades

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Mon Aug 29 08:55:30 MDT 2005

"Paul H. Dillon" wrote:
> Carol,
> I think you are totally ignoring the quantity-quality aspect of dialectical
> change.  People have put up with a lot and are getting sick of it. Everyday
> people, people who way "you're not a communist are you" but who turn out to
> agree with every statement about the ruling class and their everyday
> exploitation.  Sartre's analysis of the storming of the Bastille is worthy
> of consideration.

I agree with all this. And I wasn't particularly trying to be
dialectical, merely to point out one (possible) empirical aspect of the
conditions in which we organize. You point out another one. It would
take a far more complex analysis than I pretended to offer or than you
offer to work out the whole.

One possibility, if (a) [as you suggest] a really huge and militant
anti-war movement develops (with sectors of it being radicalized, and if
(b) the possibility I suggest, i.e., ruling class unwillingness to
retreat on Iraq as it did on Vietnam, THEN one possible option for the
ruling class is the imposition of overt authoritarian rule, or at the
very least heavy repression such as we have not exprienced before.

> There is an opening here, 

Certainly. And we should use it in every way possible, but with our eyes
open to _qualitative_ leaps in state repression. I am not predicting, or
were Yoshie and Estabrook in the lbo thread. Nor were we pretending to
offer a complete analysis. We _were_ canvassing very real features of
the present conjunction, which a complete analysis ought to consider.


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