[Marxism] Re: XXXX is cussing.

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Mon Aug 29 11:18:16 MDT 2005

i guess Lou sent this post thru....

Carl Webb wrote:

>The latter(if I did so) was an honest mistake on my part.  I always
>try to be careful and remove text that isn't need.  In regards to the
>former I didn't know that wasn't allowed.  I'm sure I can check the
>archives and find plenty examples of such.

and we got enough complaints from people offlist that we made it a hard 
rule, no names in subject line or face suspensions.

>Especially my name.  But I
>will endeavor to abide by your rules.  Where can I find an update.

until we get Lou's new website up, monitor my posts for rules.

les schaffer

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