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Guido Knopp, "Hitler's Children":

The men in white surgical coats were sitting in the gymnasium. In front of 
them was a long table on which lay folders, documents -and strange metal 
objects. For example, a longish measuring instrument reminiscent of the 
antennae of a giant insect. Next to it a small black box containing glass 
eyes which stared dead and empty from their mounts. Each eye-colour had 
been assigned a number. The men called it an 'eye-colour table'. There was 
also a strip of wood from which samples of hair - smooth, wavy, frizzy, 
brown, black, fair - hung ready for use. The men looked around sternly, 
like judges in pursuit of the truth. They were searching for something they 
called 'racial truth'.

The boys stood stripped to the waist and clad only in shorts, rather 
intimidated by this row of strange men. They had an idea of
what was going to be done to them. They had heard about it in biology class 
and in 'racial theory', as the subject was called, in which the teachers 
sold them anti-Semitism as though it were a science. Their craniums would 
be measured and they themselves examined for 'good racial qualities'. Only 
'racially pure boys', they had learnt, measured up to the standards of the 
new German Herrenmensch, and would be members of the 'master-race', which 
is what they were to be brought up to be. They were elite pupils of the 
Nationalpolitische Erziehungsanstalt, or Institution for National Political 
Education (Napola for short). Scarcely older than twelve, still children in 
fact, they nevertheless had the prospect of one day being the 'new 
generation of leaders' who would rule the 'Thousand Year Reich', perhaps as 
a Gauleiter in Kiev or Minsk, an army commander in the Urals, or a governor 
in India or any other country where the swastika might soon proclaim the 
sovereignty of the 'Greater German Reich'. But it would be impossible for 
any of them to become a 'leader' in the German empire without a 'Green 
Card' pronouncing them racially fit for service. That is precisely why the 
men in white coats had come to Naumburg. They were employed by the SS's 
Central Office for Race and Colonisation, and their job was to certify the 
'racial quality' of the Jungmannen, as the pupils were called.

It was the day of reckoning in Naumburg, not least for Jungmann Hans-Georg 
Bartholomai. He stepped on to the scales, had his height measured, and then 
one of the men snapped open a long calliper-like measuring apparatus which 
felt cold against Bartholomai's cheekbone. Did he have the 'right' kind of 
cranium? Did he fit the template? Pupils of this elite school must be 
'predominantly Nordic', the instructions to the doctors stated, but 'Falic' 
or 'West Germanic' were acceptable.


The Houston Chronicle
March 27, 1997, Thursday, 2 STAR Edition
Find sparks dispute over repatriation of Indian remains

BYLINE: ELLEN O'BRIEN; Knight-Ridder Tribune News

One afternoon in the dog days of last summer, a college kid out watching a 
race on the Columbia River near Kennewick in Benton County, Wash., was idly 
scrubbing the toe of his shoe into the mud on the river bank - when he hit 

It was a skull.

Because of its particular shape, and because the skeleton attached to it 
showed an old, healed-over wound in its pelvic bone, officials at first 
thought they were looking at the remains of a white man who had died maybe 
100 years earlier.

But the coroner turned the bones over to James Chatters, an independent 
anthropologist, for more study. Chatters had them carbon-dated. What he 
found amazed him.


But where does Kennewick Man, as the human being buried on the Columbia 
riverbank has come to be called, fit into this mix?

He is among a very small - but hauntingly specific - category of human 
remains with at least some Caucasoid traits that date back thousands of 
years in the Americas.

""He's got a narrow face and a long, narrow braincase, and the cheekbones 
aren't really broad,'' Chatters said.

By contrast, he said, American Indian cheekbones are tremendously wide. 
They have wide, round faces and rounded skulls.

Another skeleton with some Caucasoid features, found in the Spirit Cave in 
Nevada and held by the state museum there, is estimated by scientists to be 
100 years older than Kennewick Man; scientists there are also trying to 
obtain the right to conduct extensive studies on it.

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