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What a coincidence. :)  Perfect timing.
When I speak on this subject the crowds are really behind me.  And even in class, when the subject is raised, students are attentive and respectful.  They know we're in trouble.  The folks who mean me ill have yet to disrupt a speech or a class.  However, they secretly record my speeches and lectures, and delight in playing them on the radio - heavily edited, of course.  My students come up to me, "Hey, they were talking about you on the radio again."  I know.  "The host was ranting about the communist who teaches at the university filling the students' heads with leftist nonsense."  Yes, I know.  The callers to the station are a bit frightening.  They have certainly scared my wife.
I'm used to all this.  My parents were a civil rights workers and my father a preacher of liberation theology in the Church of Christ.  I guess you can see the problem right there.  We were kicked out of two churches.  The first time it was the work of the Klan.  We had too many black friends.  The second time it was the congregation.  This was when we added to our list of crimes opposition to the Vietnam War.  They were on AM radio denouncing my father for his anti-war activities.  All the people who had shook my dad's hand on the church steps struck me as real Christian-like knocking on our door in the middle of the night and forcing us to move out in the rain.  My father ran cultural enrichment programs for poor rural blacks for the network of black churches.  So coming up in school I was THE "nigger lover."  I can't count how many times I dusted off the seat of my pants after some gang of white boy dumped me.  I tell my wife and kids that it will be okay.  But they have never experienced any sort of systematic harassment, so my words don't do much to comfort them.  
The good thing is that things have died down a bit now that I have tenure and have been promoted.  It also helps that it isn't an election season and the host for the AM program left for a station in North Carolina.  His replacement still does programs on me, but he has a way to go to regain momentum.  The previous host commanded a lot of loyalty from his listeners.  Also, the College Republicans lost their org status, so they have cleaned up their act in a bid to get back into the game.  The local Republican party condemned them for their antics - this is, after all, a working class town, so the Republicans have to be careful not to look to hostile to a pro-labor professor, especially one who works on issues like school climate and truancy.  The Republicans even asked me to be the faculty advisor for the Campus Republicans.  I respectfully declined (although I considered it, for some perverse reason).  I do not trust things will remain quiet, however.  There is too much at stake - especially when I start rolling out the articles on the disaster area that is our river and bay.


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