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mehmet cagatay mehmetcagatayaydin at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 31 02:09:24 MDT 2005

Mr. O'Lincoln wrote, “We do need to make science
popular...” I think “popularization” of  science is
serving as an ideological tool to provide
pseudo-rationality to irrational essence of daily
life. But, Mr. O’Lincoln is intending to propose a
different “popularization” apart from the one which
tends to cover the distance between nature and human
nature by calling the natural events with human names
(Katrina etc). Or, it is something different from
UNESCO’s purpose of  “Kalinga Prize for the
Popularization of Science”: “The recipient should have
striven during the course of his/her career to
emphasize the international importance of science and
technology and the contribution they make to improving
public welfare, enriching the cultural heritage of
nations and solving problems facing humanity”. A
proper popularization of science must have nothing to
do with hollow concepts as “improving public welfare”,
“enriching the cultural heritage of nations” or
“problems facing humanity”. For instance, a socialist
version of popularization re-questions the
contemporary meanings of “popular”, “public”,
“improving” and “welfare. This process disrupts the
carefree flow of scientific discourse. Remember what
Marx has done with the old categories and concepts of
political economy.       

Mehmet Çagatay

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